A gay penguin couple at the East London Aquarium in South Africa has raised a chick after it was rejected by its biological parents, reports a British newspaper.

According to the Sun, Guido and Molly have successfully raised the unnamed chick since it hatched five months ago.

“He’s strong and healthy and showing no signs of confusion from having non-heterosexual parents,” said Curator Siani Tinley. “He’s happy and loves swimming around – I think the parents are very proud.”

The aquarium said that both male adoptive parents had taken turns to incubate the egg until it hatched.

“They’re very happy together and made great parents. We’ve not seen any difference with heterosexual parents,” said Tinley.

Staff at first thought that the couple was composed of a male and female but were puzzled why they had not produced an egg after a number of months. A blood test revealed that both Guido and Molly were in fact male.

There have been numerous reports of same-sex penguin couples raising chicks at zoos around the world. Same-sex animal behaviour has also been widely documented in the wild.

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