Brutally murdered: Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado

A psychiatrist has told a court that the man accused of brutally killing and dismembering a 19 year old teen last month may not be fit to stand trial.

Juan Antonio Martinez Matos, a 26 year old father of four, has been accused of murdering Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, decapitating and dismembering his body and then setting it on fire in Puerto Rico.

Matos reportedly said that the teen pretended to be a female prostitute and then tried to rob him.

Now, psychiatrist Rafael Cabrera, has told the judge in a preliminary hearing that Matos has claimed to have suffered a psychotic episode because of a previous incident in which he was raped by another man several years ago, and cannot remember details of the murder.

The judge ordered Matos to undergo another psychiatric evaluation in early January before deciding on his fitness to stand trial.

Activists have slammed the state for not charging the accused man under Puerto Rico’s hate crime law, which to-date has never been used in a case involving sexual orientation.

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