Boy George (Pic by Ariadne Barroso)

Former convict and eighties pop star Boy George (48) has lost a court bid to be allowed to appear in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother while under parole.

It is believed that the openly gay star, whose real name is George O’Dowd, was offered around £200,000 to appear in next month’s reality show.

O’Dowd was jailed for 15 months after he was found guilty of handcuffing a rent boy to the wall of his London flat against the man’s will. He was released on parole in May.

After Probation Service authorities banned the DJ and singer from appearing in January’s Big Brother special, O’Dowd applied for relief from the courts.

A Judge, however, refused his request – despite the star being allowed to appear on stage, in a TV talk show and to perform as a DJ since being released.

“I consider that right-thinking members of the public would take the view that an offender serving the non-custodial part of a sentence of imprisonment should not be allowed to take part in a high profile, controversial television production, promoting his status as a celebrity and with considerable financial gain,” ruled Judge Bean.

O’Dowd’s legal team said that O’Dowd was “very disappointed” and that he would look at his legal options.

The upcoming Celebrity Big Brother is rumoured to include Pamela Anderson and rapper MC Hammer.

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