Stephen Gately (left) and Georgi Dochev.

The Bulgarian man present at the Majorca apartment when Stephen Gately (33) died has now claimed that he had a sexual relationship with the singer and Gately’s husband, Andy Cowles (32), for two years.

It was thought that Georgi Dochev (25) had met the couple on the night of Gately’s death, something which Dochev has denied in a new radio interview.

“This is not true. We met more than two years before that night,” he told a Bulgarian radio station, claiming that they had then met again a number of times, and added, “I did it with both of them”.

Dochev also claimed that he had a threesome with the couple on the October 2009 night that Gately died and then he and Cowles went to the bedroom leaving a drunk Gately asleep on the sofa.

Later that day, upon waking, they discovered that Gately had died on the sofa. Cowles has not commented on Dochev’s claims.

A forensic report confirmed that Gately died from natural causes related to an undiagnosed heart condition.

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