Kitty Lambert meets her husban Ed.

A lesbian denied a marriage license in a New York marriage license office instead married a stranger in a bid to highlight the absurdity of limiting same-sex marriage rights.

On Wednesday, LGBT activist Kitty Lambert attempted to apply for a license to marry her partner Cheryl in Buffalo, New York in an action, captured on camera, intended to highlight LGBT inequality.

When refused a license under state law by the city employee, who explained that New York only allows marriages between men and women, Lambert turned to the crowd behind her and asked if anyone would be willing to marry her. ”Any boys, any takers?” she asked.

A gay man named Ed stepped forward and they proceeded to fill out the relevant forms, paid their $40 fee and were provided with a marriage license.

“What more do we have to do to prove that we deserve the same rights as any other New Yorker,” Lambert said in an impassioned speech to the city official before getting married to Ed.

According to the Pink BFLO website, which reported the incident, “Kitty’s point in approaching the City Clerk for a marriage license is that there is no religious basis for marriage, and it serves only as a legally binding contract in our society.

“Instead of being offered the ability to receive a license with her long-term partner, she was able to secure a license with a virtual stranger, strictly based on their gender,” said the site.

View video footage of Lambert’s unorthodox marriage below.

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