Skater Johnny Weir at the 2008 World
Championships (Pic: David W. Carmichael)

There’s been anger over a number of on-air comments by members of the media discussing men’s figure skating events in their commentary of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) noted two instances of homophobic commentary in the US. reported that an afternoon radio host on the 105.3 KRLD-Dallas station made defamatory comments about American Olympic figure skater, Johnny Weir.

“Yeah we know you’re gay, queen,” radio host Gregg Hanson reportedly quipped. “It’s your choice to live that ‘lifestyle’.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough also made a jibe about men’s figure skating on Thursday.

“Well, it’s always, every four years I look forward to it. It’s a great chance for me to do a couple things at once. It’s usually where I get my nails buffed and polished while
sitting there watching men’s figure skating,” he said on air.

In Australia, broadcaster Eddie McGuire and comedian Mick Molloy were criticised for what was described as “schoolboy sniggering” by the Crikey website while they commentated on men’s figure skating at the Olympics.

“What about the fashion at the ice skating?” McGuire commented on Weir’s skin-tight costume. “They don’t leave anything in the locker room those blokes,” added Molloy. “They don’t leave anything in the closet either do they?” replied McGuire.

He later went on to describe the skater’s outfits as “a bit of Brokeback,” referring to the gay themed film Brokeback Mountain.

GLAAD said that it is “unacceptable that these Olympians are subject to undue mockery about their perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity”.

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