Dave Salmoni

Animal Planet presenter’s wild side

You may have spotted Dave Salmoni, who’s presented (and produced) a number of wildlife shows including Rogue Nature and Into the Pride, on Discovery’s channels. It turns out that the Canadian and partly South African-based animal filmmaker has another wilder side to his personality. Just check out these pictures (left and right) from a new photo shoot for Flaunt magazine. The 34 year old hunk pretty much lets it all hang out for the photographer – and we heartily applaud him for it! Dave gives a whole new meaning to “wildlife”. Growl…

Anna Nicole to live again!

Anna Nicole Smith may have died in a tragic accidental drug overdose in 2007, but she’s set to return to the land of the living through a musical about her rather insane life. While we heard rumours about the production some time ago, it seems that it’s actually going to come to fruition. It’s been revealed that composer Mark-Anthony Turnage’s show, titled very imaginatively Anna Nicole, will premiere at London’s Royal Opera House in February next year. Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek is set to play the Playboy playmate and occasional actress. We hope we’ll be able to make out the song lyrics seeing as we could barely understand the mumbling, slurring Anna Nicole in real life.

Phantom sequel slaughtered by critics

Speaking of musicals, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera has been savaged by some critics after it premiered in London this week. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies was described by one as a “poor sap of a show (which) feels as eager to be walloped as a clown in a carnival dunking booth”. Reuters said that the consensus among critics was that the musical is a “mere shadow” of Phantom while a group of fans (with clearly too much time on their hands) of the original show have launched a vociferous campaign against the sequel. Lloyd Webber is apparently unfazed, admitting that the production is still evolving and noting that most of his shows got terrible reviews when they first opened. “There’s an old adage,” he told the Times, “Never go and see a musical until a month after it opens.”

Chris Rushton

Dishing the dish on Adam Lambert in bed

Nineteen year old Chris Rushton is a nursing school student and video blogger who says that he got it on with superstar Adam Lambert. The cutie explained, in an interview for the Feast Of Fun gay podcast, that they were introduced online through a mutual friend but first met at the California audition for American Idol. Although Adam went on to almost win the reality show Chris didn’t go very far – but they kept in touch by messaging. Then one night they finally got together. “It was about a month later and I had all these emotions and juice built up for him,” said a giggly Chris. He admitted that he tried to impress Adam in the sack: “I tried really hard.” He added that while the sex was good, “I really can’t complain”, he hadn’t expected to “bottom” for the star. He did however suggest that Adam could butch up for possible future liaisons, noting: “He can grow a full chest of hair. I rolled over and there was a line of eye liner on me in the morning.” We guess that’s the risk you run when you shag a Glam-Goth superstar…

Hurt Locker star “outed”?

Oddly-sexy Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner has apparently been outed by American tabloid rag the National Enquirer, which says that the 39 year old Oscar nominated actor is gay. It makes the claim based on a quote from an old interview with one of Jeremy’s acting coaches, who said: “I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy’s boyfriend, but the fact that Jeremy is gay has never been a primary concern.” The Enquirer also added: “His close pals say that in real life, Renner… prefers makeup to guns and is dying to star in a musical! As a song-and-dance man, with an affinity for show tunes, Jeremy has said that if things don’t work out him as an actor, he’ll become a makeup artist because he has a passion for that field.” Oh please! And, for some reason, Jeremy’s hug with co-star Anthony Mackie at the Academy Awards also raised eyebrows in the American media. Some say, however, that a surer sign of possible homo-inclinations by the rising star is that he took his mother as his date to the Oscars… Now that’s REALLY suspicious!

Jesus admits to having a thing for “cougars”

It’s no surprise to hear that 23 year old Jesus Luz, Madonna’s young boyfriend, has a thing for older women. The Brazilian model and DJ recently spoke on the subject for the first time to Grazia magazine. “When I was younger, I liked to go out with one after the other, but when I got older I needed just one cool girl. I always liked being in a relationship. It’s difficult to meet a young girl who has a mature head. So I dated mature, older women.” He went on to say: “It’s really important that a woman has a spiritual life and an open mind. Beauty attracts me, but it’s not something I need. I have to feel I can trust a person. And there has to be humour. I’m a clown.” Well there you go.

Andy Whitfield

‘Spartacus’ stud diagnosed with cancer

While steamy gladiator drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand has yet to appear on South African screens, it’s stunning lead Andy Whitfield – whose body has been plastered all over the internet thanks to the many nude scenes in the series – has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It’s the same disease that recently struck Six Feet Under and Dexter star Michael C. Hall. Thankfully, doctors say that the condition was found in its very early stages and by all indications it should be successfully treated. Production on Spartacus’s second season has been paused while Andy recovers. We wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him again in all his buff glory.

Golden Girl to host Saturday Night Live

Cougars don’t get much older than this! You may be aware that the 90’s TV sitcom The Golden Girls has a huge cult following among gay men in the US, or you may be a fan yourself of the groundbreaking show – just like we are. If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that the series’ hardest working cast-member, the 88 year old Betty White, continues to appear in TV shows and movies – often taking on roles most older actors would blush at. Now comes news that following an online campaign by Betty’s fans (the “Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!” Facebook page boast half a million members), the producers of Saturday Night Live have agreed to let the bitchy old dear co-host an episode. She’l

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