Following years of playful speculation about the character’s sexuality, Ugly Betty’s Justin Suarez has finally kissed another boy on the show, reports

The character, who is Betty’s nephew, is known for his love of musicals and fashion but producers have in the past kept his sexuality under wraps.

During this week’s episode in the final season of Ugly Betty broadcast in the US, Justin – played by Mark Indelicato – expressed his interest in kissing his “crush” Lily, a female schoolmate, to his friend Austin.

After both Justin and Austin separately kiss Lily, the two boys appear to realise that it is each other who they really want and then exchange a kiss.

After the kiss, they seem unsure of themselves and Austin apologises and walks away; leaving the story to continue to develop in upcoming episodes.

Ugly Betty’s openly gay creator, Silvio Horta, has said in the past that Justin is based on his own youth.

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