Dr Aubrey Levin – then and now.

Gender DynamiX has urged the victims of Dr Aubrey Levin, known as “Dr Shock” to come forward for assistance and to strengthen the case against the alleged human rights criminal.

In a statement, the organisation said that Dr Levin – who is accused of using electric shock aversion therapy, chemical castration and hormone treatment in an attempt to “cure” LGBT people in the Apartheid military – was an example of “torture and mutilation inflicted on people to force them to conform”.

It added that, “some of these ‘patients,’ who should more accurately be called victims, were discharged midway through this treatment, leaving them physically stranded in some kind of artificially induced gender limbo, with no support – psychological or otherwise”.

“This is a sad hangover from our recent past. I am astounded that anybody could have done these things,” said Dr Kevin Adams, Consultant Plastic Surgeon of the Groote Schuur and Red Cross Hospitals, on behalf of Gender DynamiX.

“We are asking anybody still living with the consequences of these actions to come forward for legal, psychological and medical help,” he said.

Gender DynamiX urged Dr Levin’s victims to urgently contact the organisation as soon as possible. It also said that it would like to offer support to these victims and would respect their confidentiality.

Dr Levin (71), who fled to Canada in the 90’s, was recently arrested in that country for allegedly repeatedly sexually abusing a 36 year old male patient. He has been suspended from practising and is currently out on bail. He is scheduled to appear again in an Alberta court on 8 April.

During the 70’s and 80’s, soldiers in the infamous Ward 22 at the Voortrekkerhoogte military hospital in Pretoria were allegedly strapped down and shown images of naked men and then given electric shocks in order to create negative associations to their same-sex attraction.

There have also been claims that Levin chemically castrated some gay patients and even undertook sex change operations. He has also been accused of attempting to “treat” lesbians through similar means.

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