Eugene Terre’Blanche (Pic by Anton Raath)

In a bizarre turn of events, there have been claims over the weekend that the recent murder of right wing icon Eugene Terre’Blanche could have been triggered by a sexual assault on his farm workers.

According to Rapport, police have confirmed that they are investigating the possibility that Terre’Blanche (69) attempted to sexually assault at least one of his killers.

“Yes, we are looking at this. We are looking at everything that is being alleged. We have also confiscated the clothing of the two accused,” Lieutenant General Jan Mabula told the newspaper.

Two suspects, 28-year-old Chris Mahlangu and a 15-year-old boy, have been arrested for bludgeoning and hacking Terre’Blanche to death on his farm in Ventersdorp on April 3.

Mahlangu’s lawyer told the Sunday Times that Terre’Blanche tried to get both the accused drunk and that “there was some sodomy going on and it sparked the murder of Mr Terre Blanche.” He said that this would be part of his client’s defence at the trial.

Reports that a condom was found at the crime scene have been refuted by police, but it has been confirmed that the two men who allegedly attacked Terre’Blanche pulled down his pants, leaving his genitals exposed.

Claims of previous sexual impropriety by Terre’Blanche have also come to light, including an accusation that a young AWB member had to be taken to a place of safety after he was allegedly molested at Terre’Blanche’s farm.

Journalist Max du Preez, who reported on an incident in the 1980’s in which Terre’Blanche was alleged to have molested a bodyguard, said that “It’s not a complete secret that Eugene had some of these tendencies.”

According to Eyewitness News, the AWB’s Andre Visagie dismissed claims that Terre’Blanche had gay relationships.

“Don’t be ridiculous man. He called them [gay people] ‘moffies’ all the time,” Visagie said.

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