Scientists are using a new eco-friendly technique to stop moths from spoiling fruit crops by turning male moths “gay”.

According to the Daily Express, millions of pounds worth of crops are ruined every year by the codling moths’ grubs burrowing through fruit such as apples and pears.

In the past, pesticide spray was used to kill the grubs.

Now, food technologists at British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s are spraying male moths with a pheromone that causes other males to attempt to mate with them and thereby ignore female moths.

“Codling moths have the ability to devastate entire crops if left uncontrolled. The new technique means males are attracted to males, disrupting the breeding cycle and reducing dramatically the number of eggs able to produce baby moths,” a spokesman for Sainsbury’s told the newspaper.

“Pheromone is a natural substance and, unlike other chemicals, is safe to use on both conventional and organic crops,” he added.

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