Michael Harper, played by Gabriel Thomson (left).

One of the characters in the long-running British sitcom, My Family, is reportedly set to come out the closet in an upcoming episode.

According to reports, the characters of Michael Harper (played by Gabriel Thomson), whom viewers have seen grow up over the last decade, will tell his parents, Ben and Susan, that he is gay.

The move comes as the show approaches its tenth season, and a new team of writers has been briefed to make the series more edgy and relevant.

“We were given a brief to turn the show into something a younger audience would relate to and watch. This is just one of the storylines we have come up with. It’s handled very sensitively,” a source told the Daily Mail.

To date, Michael has never shown any sign that he is gay in the BBC show and has actually been depicted as something of a womaniser in the past.

My Family, which is shown on BBC Entertainment in South Africa, follows the daily life of a middle-aged dentist, his wife and their family. The new series is expected to air in the UK later this year.

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