Saturday will see the launch of a new LGBT group which aims to unite lesbian and gay Namibians.

Named ‘LGBT Network Namibia’, the organisation announced that it intends to “ensure that Namibia continues to foster an environment where gay and lesbian Namibians can live a full and productive life and do their share towards Namibian society”.

In a media statement, it said that it will work closely with other existing gay groups such as Sister Namibia and Rainbow Project and will “create a platform for Namibians with a homosexual orientation to come together and unit with a common goal of equality for all.”

Saturday’s launch event will take place in Walvis Bay and will include a cruise, a lunch with speakers such as Mr Gay World Charl van den Berg from South Africa, and an after-party.

According to the group, the Namibian Constitution guarantees the equal rights of LGBT people in the country and gay organisations have operated freely since its independence in 1990. Sodomy in general is illegal, but this has rarely been enforced.

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