Cheyenne Williams

Three US teens have been charged with attempted murder after they allegedly tried to push a lesbian girl over a cliff.

Cheyenne Williams (18) – from Jackson County, Kentucky – has claimed that she was abducted by two 18 year old girls and 17 year old girl. They are all students at the Jackson County High School and have been friends for a number of years.

According to a statement from police, Williams was allegedly “taken against her will to the Flat Lick Falls area” where she was assaulted. They said that the three girls allegedly “attempted to push her over a cliff, which could have resulted in serious physical injury or death.”

Williams, who apparently managed to escape, told police that she was attacked because of her sexuality. It has been reported that she recorded the incident on her phone’s video camera.

Ironically, the attack took place on the national “Day of Silence” on April 16, which is meant to highlight bullying of young people in the US because of their sexuality.

Williams’ mother, Dee Johnson, has claimed that the attack was linked to a Day of Silence event earlier in the day. “It was a hate crime,” she told The Associated Press.

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