DA MP Athol Trollip

The Democratic Alliance’s Parliamentary Leader, Athol Trollip, has said that the South African government is “honour bound” to condemn the Malawian court ruling jailing two gay men for 14 years.

“The ANC government’s refusal to publically condemn this ruling stands in direct opposition to South Africa’s long history of human rights activism and position as a trailblazer for human rights, including gay rights, on the African continent,” commented Trollip in a statement.

“President Zuma, as a former SADC Chair and leader of a country which is both an influential regional power and one of only a handful of African countries in which sexual orientation is not an offence punishable by law, should regard his administration as honour bound to publically distance itself from the Malawian court’s barbaric ruling,” he said.

The DA further called on the ANC government to recall South Africa’s ambassador to Malawi as an act of condemnation against the ruling and to raise this matter at the next meeting of the SADC Forum.

“In honouring South Africa’s own commitment to equality, the ANC administration has a duty to condemn contraventions of such basic human rights in neighbouring nations. Our nation, and the continent, will be stronger for it,” said Trollip.

Last week, Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbangala, 20, were convicted of “unnatural acts and gross indecency” by engaging in a gay relationship, and were sentenced to 14 years with hard labour by a Malawian Court.

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