A British comic featuring a group of gay and lesbian superheroes has been nominated for an Eagle Award, described as the equivalent of the Oscars for comics.

“I’m completely shocked and I really didn’t expect it! I’m so proud of my comic and I’m really trying to do things that have never been done in a comic before,” said Martin Eden, the creator of Spandex.

His comic, which is only on its second issue, has been nominated in the category of Best British Colour Comic Book.

“I’m up against some big titles in my category, so it’d be so exciting if the independent guy won! I have some amazing plans for the next few issues of Spandex, and I can’t wait to unleash it all on the comic-reading world.”

Featuring characters such as Butch, Diva, Glitter, Liberty and Mr Muscles, the second issue of Spandex sees the intrepid team heading to Japan to recruit a possible new team-member, Neon, a fluorescent gay ninja. In their journey they also come up against “The Pink Ninjas”.

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