A new survey has revealed that 61 percent of gay and bisexual men feel that they are unable to show affection with their partners in public.

The survey was conducted by dating site and found almost two thirds of the 3,200 men surveyed were uncomfortable with kissing or public affection out of fear of rejection or attack by others.

Surprisingly, younger respondents in the survey showed the least confidence about displaying affection in public while men over the age of 60 expressed the lowest level of concern.

“It is worth noting that the men now aged over 60 would have been in their late teens and early twenties when homosexuality was considered illegal in the UK, yet the statistics indicate that they feel less repressed than those aged 18-24 in today’s society,” said a spokesperson for ManCentral in a statement.

The survey also found that 1 in 10 openly gay men felt uncomfortable displaying affection anywhere in public including ‘gay-friendly’ areas.

“Clearly, though homosexual acts have been legal within the UK for over forty years, there remains a sense that homosexual displays of affection are at worst, unacceptable or at best, somewhat taboo,” said the spokesperson.

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