James Franco (right) in Howl

Spiderman actor James Franco has asserted that he is straight but said that he would happily play 100 gay roles.

Speaking about playing gay characters, he told the Independent newspaper: “…the worst downside, and I don’t consider this a downside, the worst thing that anybody could say is that I was gay and if somebody said that I guess they would be wrong, but I also wouldn’t care and as far as being typecast, that’s not the case.”

He also added: “…nonetheless I would be happy to play 100 gay roles as long as they were always good parts.”

Franco has been the subject of intense speculation about his sexuality following his interest in playing gay characters in movies such as Milk and the upcoming Howl, in which he plays the gay poet Allen Ginsberg.

He also raised eyebrows with the homoerotic imagery used in a recent short that film he directed.

His first solo art show, which opens this week, reportedly features an artwork depicting a romantic encounter between Star Trek’s Mr Spock and Captain James T. Kirk.

Titled “The Dangerous Book Four Boys,” the exhibit includes sculpture, photography, drawing, and video works by the actor. It is said to explore the “sexual confusion” of adolescence.

Franco has reportedly been dating actress Anha O’Reilly for a number of years.

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