Two eighty-something men have finally tied the knot in the US after being together for over 60 years; the conclusion of a moving true-life love story.

Bob Davis (89) and Henry Schalizki (88) first met in 1942 at a Rhode Island restaurant while serving in the military during World War II, but didn’t stay in touch.

Three years later they bumped into each other at a Baltimore bar, fell in love and the rest – as they say – is history.

They faced years of challenges from society and their families in an era during which openly gay couples were almost unheard off.

Finally, after a six decade-long engagement, the two men – who now live in Washington, DC – earlier this month exchanged vows on the balcony of the presidential suite of the J.W. Marriott hotel.

“We’re not only friends, we’re lovers, we’re brothers and, incidentally, along the way, in 1990, I legally adopted Bob,” Schalizki told the Washington Post.

Schalizki adopted his partner in a bid to improve their legal and financial status because their relationship was not legally recognised at the time.

“It’s like life goes. My advice to anybody is, ‘For God’s sakes, enjoy your life,'” said Schalizki.

View a video report by The Washington Blade about the couple below.

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