A British Tabloid has reported that a well-known English footballer is at the centre of a blogger’s gay sex claims.

According to the Daily Star, the blogger claimed that he and the footballer, who has been in South Africa for the World Cup, had a year-long affair.

The tabloid did not identify the football player but did say that he has a girlfriend and that the man’s alleged male lover is a British reality TV star.

“The blogger said he was in a nightclub when the player approached him, admitted he was gay and asked for his number. After a series of flirty phone calls the pair started a passionate 12-month affair, meeting up regularly for sex,” reported the Daily Star.

The blogger said that he was publishing details of the relationship because he felt scorned after being dumped by the soccer star.

The post was later removed from the blog but thousands had already read the claims.

Rampant homophobia in the sport has been blamed for the fact that there is currently no openly-gay player in professional football.

The only previous openly-gay British footballer was Justin Fashanu, who came out in 1990 and committed suicide eight years later.

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