Police attempt to gain access to the latrine.
(Image: NTV Uganda)

There’s confusion about the identity of a man who was decapitated in Uganda following initial reports that the victim was a LGBT activist.

According to local reports, Ugandan police on Friday found the severed head of LGBT activist Pasikali Kashusbe in a latrine on a farm belonging to Kashusbe’s employer, Electoral Commission Chairman Badru Kiggundu.

The authorities apparently believed that a mutilated headless torso discovered a week earlier was Kashusbe’s body.

Kashube was a volunteer with Integrity Uganda, which represents the gay and lesbian community within the Anglican Church, and has been missing for a number of weeks.

While two men have been arrested in connection with the murder there is now some uncertainty about whether the body is that of Kashusbe.

New reports suggest that the victim and the murder may not be connected to homophobia, although Kashusbe’s whereabouts remain unknown.

There have been claims that another supporter of LGBT rights, the Rev. Henry Kayizzi Nsubuga, is also missing in Uganda.

A controversial bill that would entrench the criminality of LGBT people and impose the death penalty in certain cases of homosexual conduct remains pending in the Ugandan parliament.

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