Between 15 and 20 high school girls have been arrested in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, allegedly for engaging in “homosexual activities”, according to local reports.

The girls from Evelyn High, a girls only public school, were arrested by police officers at the school on Friday and detained for day before being released to their parents.

It appears as if they were named as lesbians by a team-mate in the local Carlton women’s soccer team, in which the girls play.

“Police came to the school and picked up the girls. I phoned their parents and told them about the issue,” Rosemary Moyo, Evelyn High School Headmistress, told Radio VOP.

One report said that the girls are “also alleged to have been teaching other school girls homosexuality”.

“I only read about it in the papers and I was shocked. I do not expect such behaviour. It is unacceptable,” commented Bulawayo provincial education director Mr Dan Moyo, reported The Zim Diaspora.

“We’re not sure if the accusations are true or a result of feuds among the pupils,” he said.

Police said that an investigation is underway and that the girls are expected to appear in court some time this week.

Homosexuality is illegal in Zimbabwe with penalties including jail-time.

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