A Cape Town school pupil has told the Daily Voice that he is not allowed at his school because he is gay.

According to the newspaper, Lascar Petersen, 19, has been barred from Lentegeur Secondary School in Mitchell’s Plain and has not attended any classes this term.

“I go to school every morning dressed in my uniform but they won’t allow me in,” said Petersen, who is described in the report as being “effeminate”.

He told reporter Bianca Williams that the problem started when was ridiculed by a teacher in front of his class: “She told me that I am a moffie because my parents didn’t raise me right.”

The principal, Aboebakar Frieslaar, responded to the newspaper by claiming that Petersen was not allowed at the school because he was a disruptive problem child and that he had been told by the pupil’s mother that he would be enrolled at another school.

Petersen insists, however, that it is his sexuality that has led him to be barred from the school, not bad behaviour.

His mother, Sharon Peterson, said that she now plans to enrol the boy at a college.

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