A teenager in the UK has been arrested after he set up a fake sex chat line and then blackmailed men who called in to chat to him.

Nineteen year old Kelz Sutherland ran the chat line from his parents home and would apparently lead callers to talking about underage sex.

He would then pretend to interrupt the call as an “official sex line monitor” and would take money in order to not “report” them to the authorities.

The Edinburgh teen has admitted to extorting £87,700 from ten men ranging in age from 32 to 65.

He was caught after one of his victims contacted the police who first arrested Sutherland’s mother because the phone line was in her name.

She admitted that she knew that her son was making money from the phone line but claimed that she didn’t know that he was blackmailing people.

According to the BBC, Sutherland shouted out in court: “These men say they are victims, why did they give me the money in the first place? Why is it me that’s sitting here and not them?”

Sentencing in the case has been deferred pending further investigation.

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