Cheyenne Williams

Attempted murder charges against three teens accused of trying to push a lesbian girl over a cliff have been dismissed.

Cheyenne Williams (18) – from Jackson County, Kentucky – had claimed that she was abducted by two 18 year old girls and a 17 year old girl who beat her with sticks and later tried to push her over a cliff, all because of her sexual orientation.

They are all students at the Jackson County High School and have been friends for a number of years.

On Friday a judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence and dismissed the charges.

Lawyers for the three accused said that the incident was a prank, that Williams was part of, which then went awry.

They claim that the attack was fabricated by the group as a way for Williams to get out of being late for an appointment.

“She told the story as a way to get out of trouble, and it snowballed,” commented attorney Sharon K. Allen Gay to kentucky.com.

Williams filmed the incident on her phone but can apparently be heard laughing in the video clip during the alleged attack.

Her mother insists, however, that the teen is telling that truth and is in counselling because of the incident.

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