On the cover of Huisgenoot magazine
in happier days.

The fallen rugby icon Joost van der Westhuizen (39) and his estranged wife singer Amor Vittone (37) will sue after a gossip magazine reported that they both had affairs with members of the same-sex.

People magazine claimed late last week that the two celebrities, who are engaged in a bitter public divorce, have been involved in gay relationships following the breakup of their marriage.

“We received a call from a member of the public in which allegations of the couple’s homosexual and lesbian relationships were made,” said Assistant Editor Angela Tsikoudakis.

Van der Westhuizen and Vittone’s respective lawyers denied the claims on Friday and announced that their clients would individually sue the magazine.

They further criticised the publication for not approaching their clients to comment or verify the claims.

“We made it clear in the article that these were just allegations. There are no grounds for them to sue us,” insisted Tsikoudakis.

In February 2009, Van der Westhuizen was accused by another gossip magazine, Heat, of being the man in sex and drugs tape that was allegedly used to blackmail him.

Despite fervently denying that it was him in the ” Joostgate” tape and threatening to sue the magazine in November he finally confessed that he was indeed the man in video.

In May it was reported that Vittone had thrown Van der Westhuizen out of their home and earlier this month he announced that he had filed for divorce.

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