A Christian group that claims to cure homosexuality through “conversion therapy” has been denied charity status in New Zealand because it does not provide “a public benefit”.

The country’s Charities Commission ruled earlier this month that Exodus Ministries Trust Board will lose it ten year charity status, which means that it will also lose its tax benefits.

The commission concluded that the trust is trying to “cure” something that is no longer classified as a mental disorder and that conversion therapy has been rejected by almost all reputable psychiatric groups around the world.

It further said that the organisation’s work amounts to “propaganda”.

The Exodus Ministries Trust Board is affiliated to the US-based Exodus International, a controversial Christian group that advocates “freeing” gays and lesbians from their sexual orientation.

In April this year, one of the group’s founders, Michael Bussee – who has since come out as gay – said that he’d never seen Exodus actually change any person into a heterosexual.

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