William Hague

Britain’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has denied claims that he is having an affair with a younger male aide.

In remarkable statement issued yesterday, Hague (49) admitted that he had shared a hotel room with policy adviser 25-year-old Chris Myers but insisted that he is not and has never been in a relationship with another man.

“Any suggestion that [Chris Myers’] appointment was due to an improper relationship between us is utterly false, as is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man,” said Hague.

“This speculation seems to stem from the fact that whilst campaigning before the election we occasionally shared twin hotel rooms. Neither of us would have done so if we had thought that it in any way meant or implied something else,” he added.

Despite the statement, Hague said that Myers will resign: “…as a result of the pressure on his family from the untrue and malicious allegations made about him, he does not wish to continue in his position.”

Questions had been asked about the appointment of Myers because of his limited experience and as Hague already has two other advisors. The two men have also been recently seen together in social situations.

Hague married his wife Ffion in 1997. He said in the statement that they have been struggling to start a family due to infertility issues, which had brought them closer together.

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