Cell phone networks in the UK have been accused of blocking non-adult gay websites as offensive or inappropriate content for children. reports that its readers have claimed that the news-based website is among a host of gay sites that have been blocked by the networks.

Virgin and Vodafone responded to the claims, insisting that homophobia was not to blame.

“We are working with our network provider to understand how certain sites seem to be incorrectly blocked from viewing through our mobile service,” said a Virgin spokeswoman.

She added that the company only blocked “content with adult themes, imagery or topics” to protect children and that this block could lifted on an individual basis.

Some readers have claimed that while erotic heterosexual sites can be accessed, gay news sites cannot.

Vodafone also said that the sites should not be blocked as only sites “on the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) list of child abuse sites” are barred, and is not among these.

Other networks said that were investigating the complaints.

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