Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix

Hollywood is abuzz over rumours that director Clint Eastwood is hoping to cast Joaquin Phoenix and Leonardo DiCaprio as lovers in his new film about controversial FBI director J Edgar Hoover.

Although the stars have not yet signed on, DiCaprio is apparently Eastwood’s choice to play the part of Hoover while Phoenix would star as Clyde Tolson, Hoover’s sidekick and reputed lover.

The biopic has been written by Oscar-winning Milk scribe Dustin Lance Black and documents Hoover’s rise to power in the FBI as well as the two men’s close relationship.

Hoover and Tolson, who was associate director at the FBI, not only worked together but dined out, socialised and even holidayed together. They were constant companions for over 40 years and never married.

When Hoover died in 1972, Tolson inherited his house and estate. At the funeral, he was handed the US flag that was draped over Hoover’s coffin.

Hoover was the notorious architect of which-hunts against “subversives” and “radicals” – including homosexuals – during his almost 40 year reign as head of the FBI. He has been accused of having used illegal methods to spy on tens of thousands of Americans.

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