A Ugandan gay activist has been smeared in a notoriously homophobic newspaper that has accused him of raping school boys.

Moses Mworeko, who fled his country out of fear of persecution, has worked with the American LGBT group Truth Wins Out against the involvement of anti-gay US Christian groups in Uganda.

He recently appeared on a YouTube video in which he was interviewed by Truth Wins Out.

In apparent retaliation against his activism, the virulently anti-gay Ugandan tabloid The Red Pepper has published an “expose” about Mworeko.

With the front page headline “This Gay Monster Raped Boys In School, But Failed To Bonk Wife,” the newspaper goes on to claim that Mworeko “sodomised this one boy and soon all boys in school were having sex”.

It adds: “Warning: This story might make some readers feel nauseated!”

Wayne Besen, the founder of Truth Wins Out, commented: “In all my years of activism, this has got to be the most disgusting, immoral, vile, smear campaign that I have ever witnessed.

“The Red Pepper should be immediately shut down for its libellous reporting and slimy journalism. This hit piece shows that we must redouble our efforts to stop the hate campaign that has infected Uganda and other nations in Africa,” he said.

The Red Pepper is known for its “outing” articles in which it has published the names, photos and addresses of Ugandan people it says are gay or lesbian.

Earlier this year, it also published the names and personal details of people who it claimed were supporting gay rights groups and individuals.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda, with legislation pending in parliament that would impose the death penalty in certain case of “aggravated homosexuality”.

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