Larry King and Lance Bass

Openly gay US singer Lance Bass, who came out in 2006, has admitted to playing along with his friends who teased gay kids in high school.

Bass was speaking on Larry King Live, along with other gay celebrities such as Wanda Sykes, Tim Gunn, Nate Berkus, and Chely Wright. They all appeared on the show to discuss the issue of homophobic bullying.

“You made fun of gay kids in high school to hide your own secret?” King asked Bass, to which he replied: “That’s right”.

“…it’s definitely to impress your friends… I think that’s the main reason people do bully, is to look cool in front of your friends. But you’ve just got to realise you’re not being cool at all. I mean, it’s the stupidest thing to do,” added Bass.

Speaking to teens who are the victims of bullying he said: “They don’t realise that in a few years that all goes away. It all gets so much better… You will leave those people behind and they won’t have anything to do with [your] life. Life gets so much better.”

Bass is best known for being one of the members of the hugely successful 90’s boy band N Sync.

In recent weeks the US press has reported a number of suicides of gay teens linked to them being bullied because of their sexuality.

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