New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

A tenth suspect has been arrested in connection with the recent torture of two gay teens and a 30 year old man in New York’s Bronx borough.

The suspects, said to be members of the Latin King Goonies gang, allegedly kidnapped and tortured two 17-year-old boys who they suspected to be gay. They then allegedly held, beat and robbed a 30 year old man they said had been in a sexual relationship with the teens.

On Tuesday, a ninth suspect – Ruddy Vargas-Perez – who turned himself in on Monday, was granted bail but insisted that he had nothing to with the attack.

The latest suspect, Jose Dominguez (22), on Tuesday also handed himself in. Police searched his apartment for a television that gang members had allegedly stolen from the 30 year old man’s apartment.

Dominguez was charged with assault, unlawful imprisonment and aggravated harassment.

His wife denied that he was involved in the incident and insisted that he was not a homophobe as he had a lesbian sister and gay cousins.

On Monday night, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg slammed the attack in a speech at the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of New York City (PFLAG NYC) awards dinner.

“Let me be clear, these incidents are completely unacceptable. They’re intolerable in a city in which tolerance is what defines us. They’re unacceptable in a city in which embracing our differences is what makes us strong,” said Bloomberg.

“Because when any New Yorker is attacked because of who they are or who they love – the fabric that binds us together is torn. That’s why these attacks are attacks on us all – and why they can never, ever be allowed. Especially when it comes to our kids.”

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