Ken Buck on Sunday’s Meet the Press

In a discussion about the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy on gay service members, an American politician has told television viewers that homosexuality is a partial lifestyle choice and compared it to alcoholism.

Speaking on the Meet the Press show on Sunday, Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck said: “I think that birth has an influence over [it], like [with] alcoholism and some other things, but I think that basically you have a choice.”

The comment has outraged LGBT rights groups in the US.

“Mr. Buck’s ill-informed views are not only factually inaccurate, but they are extremely dangerous,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese.

“In the past six weeks a number of teenagers have taken their own lives after being the victims of anti-gay bullying and harassment. When public figures like Mr. Buck make statements like he did today, kids struggling with their identities question their self-worth and other kids justify bullying. Ken Buck must correct his remarks now,” said Solmonese.

Buck, who is a favourite of the conservative Tea Party movement, later insisted that he “wasn’t talking about being gay as a disease”.

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