The Rolling Stone tabloid newspaper in Uganda has outed another set of gay men, despite fears that they could also become victims of homophobic violence.

According to reports, 14 men were named by the publication, which is not connected to the American music magazine of the same name, in a list titled “Men of shame part II”. The article also included their addresses.

The newspaper appears to have sourced the information from the internet. “They published their pictures on a gay networking website, so that was enough evidence for us,” editor Giles Muhame told AFP.

A previous list published by Rolling Stone – accompanied by a headline which read “hang them” – in early October led to at least four of the people named being attacked.

While Giles has claimed that he does not condone physical violence against the men, he has insisted that he is protecting children from being “recruited” by homosexuals.

“We felt there was a need for society to know that such characters exist amongst them. Some of them recruit young children into homosexuality, which is bad and needs to be exposed,” he told The Independent recently.

Rolling Stone, which launched in August this year, was recently ordered to stop publishing by the Ugandan Media Council because it was not legally registered as required by the country’s media laws.

Giles told AFP that all the requirements had now been met but he had not yet been given a license by the council. He decided to publish the latest edition despite this.

A controversial bill that would entrench the criminality of LGBT people and impose the death penalty in certain cases of homosexual conduct is pending in the Ugandan parliament. Existing penalties for gay sex include life imprisonment.

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