Cher in Vanity Fair

Gay icon Cher has admitted that she still gets confused about whether to call her trans son Chaz Bono a “him” or a “her”.

The 64 year old singer made the confession in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, adding that she is proud of Bono for his courage.

“If I woke up tomorrow in a guy’s body, I would just kick and scream and cry and fucking rob a bank, because I cannot see myself as anything but who I am—a girl. I would not take it as well as Chaz has. I couldn’t imagine it.”

Cher, who stars alongside Christina Aguilera in the upcoming film musical Burlesque, went on to say: “She’s a very smart girl—boy! This is where I get into trouble. My pronouns are fucked. I still don’t remember to call her ‘him.’”

Bono (41) was born Chastity and identified as lesbian for a number of years before undergoing female-to-male gender transition and legally changing his name and gender in May this year.

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