It’s been revealed that the Czech Republic uses humiliating tests to ascertain if refugees who have requested asylum because of persecution in their homelands due to their sexual orientation really are gay.

According to a new report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) on homophobia, transphobia and LGBT discrimination in Europe, the country is the only one in Europe to use ‘phallometric testing’.

This involves showing gay asylum seekers heterosexual pornography and then physically measuring the reaction on their genitals.

The test, which is performed by a professional sexologist, is in principle only used in cases where a person’s claims show some inconsistency and only when the refugee has agreed to the procedure.

FRA notes, however, that the asylum seeker’s application and claims may be questioned if he refuses to undergo the test.

It further points out that the procedure is far from reliable and that it contravenes a number of human rights under the European Court of Human Rights.

FRA describes the tests as “an intrusive examination bound to interfere with the person’s psychological integrity and with the core of his intimacy, likely raising feelings of shame and suffering, despite the lack of inflicted physical pain”.

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