Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has described gays and
lesbians as “worse than dogs and pigs”. (Pic: Jeremy Lock)

Two Zimbabwean men from the town of Bindura are facing up to three years in jail after they were discovered having sex by their landlady.

According to local media, on November 26, Patricia Chimange and one of her tenants Russell Makau heard noises from a room shared by Nigel Ruredzo, 28, and Shine Njawara, 29.

They burst in and allegedly found the men having sex. After reportedly beating and verbally abusing Ruredzo and Njawara, the police were called and the men were arrested.

Gay sex – along with members of the same sex holding hands, hugging, or kissing – is illegal in Zimbabwe and the couple could be jailed for up to three years.

Ruredzo and Njawara will remain in custody as they await the start of their trial, which has been set for December 29.

In May, the country’s leading LGBT rights group, Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ), was raided by police. Two employees were arrested and later acquitted in court of charges of the possession of pornography.

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