Richard Chamberlain

One time sex symbol and openly gay actor Richard Chamberlain has warned other gay actors about coming out of the closet.

In an interview with the Advocate, the 76 year old actor said that world was still not willing to accept openly gay leading men.

“It’s complicated. There’s still a tremendous amount of homophobia in our culture. It’s regrettable, it’s stupid, it’s heartless, and it’s immoral, but there it is,” said Chamberlain.

“For an actor to be working is a kind of miracle, because most actors aren’t, so it’s just silly for a working actor to say, ‘Oh, I don’t care if anybody knows I’m gay’ — especially if you’re a leading man. Personally, I wouldn’t advise a gay leading man-type actor to come out.”

Chamberlain rose to fame in the title role of the US television show Dr. Kildare (1961-1966) and starred in hit miniseries such as Shogun (1977), and The Thorn Birds (1983) as the dashing hero. He has also appeared in more recent shows including Will & Grace, Desperate Housewives and Chuck.

The star came out as gay in 2003, at the age of 69, in his autobiography, Shattered Love.

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