Capt. Owen Honors

A US aircraft carrier captain has been permanently removed from command after he produced a number of sexist and homophobic crew videos on his ship.

The videos produced by Captain Owen Honors were shown on the USS Enterprise’s internal television system while it was serving in the Middle East between 2006 and 2007.

Mean to be humorous and to boost staff morale, the videos include scenes of simulated masturbation and two male sailors followed by two female sailors pretending to shower together.

Honors himself appears in the videos and makes numerous references to “fags”. The videos were broadcast to around 6,000 crew members on the ship.

The Navy at first appeared to defend the videos, saying in a statement: “The videos … were not created with the intent to offend anyone. The videos were intended to be humorous skits focusing the crew’s attention on specific issues such as port visits, traffic safety, water conservation, ship cleanliness, etc.”

Subsequently, Honors has been removed from his post and the Navy is investigating the incident.

“While Capt. Honors’ performance as commanding officer of USS Enterprise has been without incident, his profound lack of good judgment and professionalism while previously serving as executive officer on Enterprise calls into question his character and completely undermines his credibility to continue to serve effectively in command,” said the commander of US Fleet Forces, Admiral John Harvey Jr.

“After personally reviewing the videos created while serving as executive officer, I have lost confidence in Capt. Honors’ ability to lead effectively, and he is being held accountable for poor judgment and the inappropriate actions demonstrated in the videos that were created while he served as executive officer on Enterprise,” Harvey said.

The US senate recently voted to allow gays and lesbians to serve in the military, but it may be some months before this is implemented.

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