The producer of the film Spud has said that he is considering suing Judge Edwin Cameron for claiming that the film is homophobic.

According to Eyewitness News, producer Ross Garland is seeking advice on “whether the publication of Cameron’s letter was defamatory”.

The openly gay Cameron, who is a South African Constitutional Court judge, wrote the letter to Garland at the end of 2010, expressing his concern at what he called the “casual denigration of gays” in the film.

Spud The Movie is based on the best-selling novel by John van de Ruit and deals with a young boy’s experiences at an elite private school in South Africa in 1990.

Garland has denied that the film is homophobic and accused Cameron of having a disregard for free expression and artistic works.

The Freedom of Expression Institute has, however, come out in support of Cameron’s right to write the letter saying that it does not call for censorship but rather brings the issue of homophobia in the film up for debate.

Dawie Nel, Director of OUT LGBT Well-being, also expressed his support for Cameron’s letter.

“Schools are especially known for promoting the norm of heterosexuality and discrimination against gay and lesbian people,” said Nel.

“Calling people derogatory names and discriminating against gay people to ‘prove’ your own masculinity is very often ‘just the way it is’ and very rarely questioned. They contribute to suicide and dropping out among gay and lesbian learners.”

Read Cameron’s letter to Garland in full here.

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