Protest against Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill in London,
December 2009. (Pic: Brett Lock of OutRage!)

Despite anti-gay laws and violence in Uganda, the British government is still refusing to give asylum to LGBT Ugandans.

Twenty nine year old Ugandan student Brenda Namigadde is reported to be in an immigration detention centre at Heathrow facing imminent deportation back to her home country, reports LGBT Asylum News.

In December 2009, Namigadde took part in a demonstration in London against the pending anti-homosexuality bill that has been tabled in Uganda’s parliament. If passed, it would impose the death penalty in certain cases of homosexual expression.

“They already know who I am, because photos were taken of me and my colleagues that day. The Ugandan government has names of most of them as they have been published in several newspapers in the country,” said Namigadde.

Namigadde explained that she fears for her life if she is returned home, claiming that a number of her lesbian friends in Uganda had not been heard from in months.

“It is like they have all vanished in thin air, I don’t know what is going to happen to me once there,” said a tearful Namigadde.

The UK’s Home Office has rejected her application for asylum and she narrowly avoided being deported on January 20 thanks to a technical mix-up with the airline.

“Her life could be in danger because very little is known about this law in Uganda. There are reports of mob justice in certain areas in that country,” commented her lawyer from Cardinal Solicitors in Luton.

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