David Kato (Pic: Jocelyn Edwards)

A local pastor and villagers have disrupted the funeral of murdered LGBT activist David Kato at his ancestral village outside of Kampala, reports the BBC.

During Friday’s ceremony, the pastor began to berate gays and lesbians, shouting: “You must repent. Even the animals know the difference between a male and a female!”

Friends and activists grabbed the man and pulled him away from the pulpit. Things became rowdy as local villagers expressed their support for the pastor.

They also refused to bury the body, leaving family and friends to carry the coffin and bury Kato themselves.

“I’m very upset.”After we had read statements from everybody, including Obama, after all the nice things friends said about David, that this man could stand up and throw dirt at someone who should be resting in peace. It’s just disgusting.” Julian Pepe, a gay rights activist and a friend of Kato’s who attended the funeral, told Reuters.

Kato, a leading LGBT rights activist with Sexual Minorities Uganda, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer on Wednesday afternoon in his home.

Ugandan police, who have made one arrest and are hunting for another man, say that his murder may have been part of a robbery and was probably unrelated to his sexuality.

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