ALNSW, refused a permit to participate last year,
at the 2009 parade.

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has reversed its decision last year to block animal rights groups from taking part in the annual parade.

On Monday, Queer Animal Liberation NSW (QALNSW) announced that New Mardi Gras (NMG), which oversees Sydney’s iconic parade, had approved its float.

Despite a long tradition of floats in the parade by Animal Liberation NSW, NMG said the issue of animal rights was ‘not queer enough’ for last year’s parade and refused to approve its float.

The decision prompted widespread outrage in local and international queer and mainstream media from animal liberationists and others, who pointed out that the float participants were overwhelmingly queer, and that many other floats did not have a specifically queer message.

NSW subsequently announced it would undertake consultation with the LGBT community about the parade, which has led to QALNSW’s float being approved this year.

“After last year’s debacle, we’re very pleased that Mardi Gras held a comprehensive public consultation and amended their guidelines for the parade to allow for inclusivity of queers who feel passionate about a cause,” said QALNSW founder, Katrina Fox.

“Mardi Gras have been really lovely and welcoming this year. The various people I’ve spoken to throughout our application process have been very helpful and genuinely happy to have us in the parade,” she added.

Fox said this year’s float would highlight the plight of battery hens. “I won’t spoil it for everyone, but I can say that our float will be very colourful and upbeat but with a serious message about the plight of battery hens.”

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