Foster’s, the Australian brewery, has denied that its new British television advert is homophobic.

The ad shows a holidaying Brit phoning Australia to ask his mates Brad and Dan if it’s appropriate for him to apply sunscreen to his male friend.

“Only put cream where he can’t reach, between his shoulder blades, the safe zone,” they reply.

“Remember Deano, the following things are not permitted,” they add, “eye contact, scented candles, power ballads, and do not apply if he’s wearing budgie smugglers.”

The ad ends with Deano asking his friend to change his “budgie smuggler”, or Speedo, before he’ll help him out with the sunscreen.

In a statement to, a Foster’s spokesperson said that homophobia “would be totally unacceptable and it has no place in our business.”

He added: “Humour has the power to unite, and occasionally to divide opinion – but we sincerely hope that the vast majority of viewers will accept our best intentions to make a funny and well meaning commercial.”

Watch the ad below and tell us if you think it’s funny or homophobic.

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