The characters of Kurt and Blaine have finally shared their first kiss in a new episode of Glee, broadcast this week in the US.

Fans of the show have been eagerly waiting for the two gay teens to finally lock lips after months of speculation about their relationship.

The scene shows the boys in school uniform at Dalton Academy. Kurt asks Blaine about a romantic song that they will be singing together: “Why did you pick me to sing that song with?”

“Kurt, there is a moment when you say to yourself, ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever,'” Blaine responds, putting his hand on Kurt’s hand.

He continues: “Watching you do Blackbird this week, that was a moment for me. About you. You move me, Kurt. And this duet would just be an excuse to spend more time with you.”

And then, Blaine leans over and kisses Kurt passionately. There’s an awkward moment afterwards, and then they kiss again.

Glee, a critical and popular hit, has been widely lauded for its positive and affirming depiction of gay teens.

Watch the highly anticipated scene below.

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