Newlyweds: Lloyd Kandlin & Shane Everts
(Pic: Abigail K Photography)

Heart 104.9FM’s wedding competition has culminated in two virtual strangers getting married at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on Saturday.

The men had until then only “gotten to know each other” over radio airwaves. On Saturday, the masked grooms – known only as ‘Lekker Larry’ and ‘Hastige Hendrik’ – walked to the altar where their identities were finally revealed just before they were married by Reverend Daniel Brits from the African Church.

Lekker Larry revealed himself as Lloyd Kandlin, while Hastige Hendrik’s real name is Shane Everts. Lloyd (35) is an entertainer but also designs costumes for props and sets, while Everts (29) works in marketing.

As part of the Cape Town radio station’s competition, the men won an all expenses paid fantasy wedding worth R1.4m and a lavish honeymoon abroad to the value of R40 000.

Kandlin describes himself as a family man and says he feels very strongly about the sanctity of marriage. He loves the outdoors and being adventurous. When asked what kind of life partner he was looking for, Kandlin said: “Someone who I can love and trust and enjoy life with, someone who can be a pillar of strength and my confidant.”

Everts says he is an extrovert, is sensitive and thoughtful. He defines love as a serious business comprising of discussion, understanding, compassion and support.

According to Heart 104.9FM, “the men are ecstatic about their union and can’t wait to start their life together as husband and husband”.

The couple were selected over eight weeks on Phat Joe’s daily breakfast show with potential grooms for the first five contestants interviewed live on air by a “panel of highly regarded experts”. The competition has generated considerable controversy in Cape Town, with some criticising it as a publicity stunt that demeans same-sex marriage.

Heart 104.9FM, however, insists that the wedding “was also a celebration of South Africa’s diversity remembering that on 30 December 2006, South Africa became the fifth country in the world to join an elite group of progressive democracies that allow legal same-sex marriages”.

It added: “The competition has honoured the values and essence of this constitutional right and at all times adhered to being a truthful mirror of the couple’s intentions and how they feel about each other.”

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