Scenes from the Beautiful video

Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful is the most empowering pop song of the last decade for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, according to a poll by UK LGBT rights group Stonewall.

The 2002 song, written by Linda Perry, is best known for its powerful video that features people who feel ostracised from society, including a transsexual and a male couple kissing passionately.

It was chosen by 33% of 1,007 voters as the “pop song/video that had the most empowering message for or best depiction of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people during the last decade”.

“I’m delighted to have been voted the most inspirational pop act by Stonewall’s supporters,” said Aguilera, adding, “my gay fan base is so important to me and this continues my special relationship with them.”

Beautiful beat out other songs by artists including Boyzone (Better – 25%), Lady Gaga (Born This Way – 17%), Gossip (Standing in the Way of Control – 16%) and Katy Perry (Firework – 9%).

“Recently many of the United States’ leading female vocalists have recorded anthems of self-empowerment as a response to bullying, homophobia and misogyny in schools and society. Several of these have become major hits,” commented British TV and Radio presenter ‘Professor of Pop’ Paul Gambaccini.

“As a song and as a performance, [Beautiful] is a major achievement that has inspired millions of young people around the world,” he said.

Aguilera recently supported Stonewall’s “It gets better…today” campaign.

Watch the video below

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