A pub in Soho, near the centre of London’s gay village, closed early on Friday to avoid a protest against it ejecting a gay couple for kissing.

Jonathan Williams (26) and James Bull (23) were thrown out of the John Snow pub on Wednesday while they were on their first date.

The owners have claimed that their kissing was “obscene”.

“We weren’t being over the top; there wasn’t anything that would be deemed unseemly,” Williams told the Guardian newspaper. “I’m not the kind of person to do that kind of thing in public.”

The incident has led to a kiss-in protest that was set to take place outside the pub this evening but, according to, patrons were asked to leave the venue at 3pm and the pub was closed.

There have been conflicting reports about the extent of the couple’s passion. One heterosexual patron claimed that they were “over the top” while another witness described their canoodling as “innocent”.

Bull has laid a complaint with the police.”I felt so belittled, and to be made to feel so dirty and cheap over something like that – it’s just wrong,” he said.

Another protest may be held next week.

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