Prince William and Kate Middleton

LGBT activist Peter Tatchell will lead a “celebration” outside Buckingham Palace to highlight the lack of equal marriage rights in the UK.

Tatchell, who earlier called on Prince William and Kate Middleton to express their support for gay marriage, called Monday’s planned event “a party in front of Buckingham Palace” and suggested supporters come with flowers, rainbow flags and pink Union Jack flags.

“We plan to deliver a giant wedding card to William and Kate. As well as wishing the royal couple every happiness, we will highlight the fact that William and Kate can marry, but same-sex couples can’t,” said Tatchell.

“Our event will urge the royal couple to support moves to end the ban on gay marriage. We want equal marriage rights for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation.”

Same-sex couples in the UK can currently only make their relationships official through “civil partnership” but not marriage, while heterosexual couples can only marry but not enter into civil partnership.

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